Private Mortgage Lenders in Montreal

Tristar Groupe provides loan solutions for businesses and individuals who need a helping hand in attaining their goals. We offer a range of loan products designed to meet financial requirements not typically served through the conventional loan process. We are private lenders, giving us greater flexibility in what products we offer.

Residential & Commercial Private Mortgage Loan Solutions

We are a residential mortgage company that offers traditional primary first mortgage loans for home buyers, as well as second private mortgages for those who are looking to secure a large loan to consolidate debts using a second mortgage. Tristar Groupe provides custom loans for individuals and businesses seeking the following financial services:

  • Bridge loans
  • Land loans
  • Mezzanine loan
  • Small business loans
  • First and second private mortgage loans
  • Renovation mortgage loans
  • Construction loans for residential and commercial real estate

With a Tristar Groupe loan, you can leverage the equity in your property rather than relying on your credit to secure finances that meet your needs.

Private Mortgage Lending Services

Private Mortgage Loans

If your bank has denied you a conventional first mortgage to buy a home, other residential first mortgage private lending solutions

Second Mortgage Loans

A second mortgage loan enables you to use the current available equity of your property to obtain the extra money for those times

Private Business Loans

At Tristar Groupe, we work with businesses to help you procure cash to keep businesses growing and thriving.

Renovation/Construction Mortgage Loan

If you’ve always dreamed of building your own home, or of renovating your existing home, now may be the time

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