As private lenders the decision making process is faster, more flexible and based on equity vs credit and our loans are non amortized making the monthly payments more affordable.

The advantage of borrowing from the private sector is largely due to the flexibility we offer when compared to traditional creditors.

Minimum mandate of $10,000, there is no maximum. 

The interest rates start at 9%.

We specialize in the greater Montreal area, including both South Shore and North Shore, but we have financed properties in both Quebec and Ontario provinces, as well as in Florida and NYC.

The documents required: Municipal tax bill, Mortgage statement, Certificate of Location, Equifax report and School tax bill

Private loans can be tailor made to suit any term the borrower wants, but on average clients borrow for a term of 6-12 months.​

Yes, most clients come to us because they either want a second mortgage, something most banks do not offer, or because their credit has been affected, or they do not declare sufficient income and to qualify at the bank.

No credit check or income verification is done however, we may ask for documentation showing that you can support the loan.

We finance up to 75% of the value of the property.

We usually ask for an appraisal or an inspection of the property.