Second Mortgage Loans

What Is a Second Mortgage?

A second mortgage loan enables you to use the current available equity of your property to obtain the extra money for those times when your budget is tight and unexpected events can make it even tighter. Even if you are still paying on your conventional mortgage, you can borrow more funds from a second mortgage. Despite the fact that you are still paying on your original mortgage, you can leverage your equity to free up additional funds. 

At Tristar Groupe we realize that sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise, and you just don’t have the funds to cover them. When it comes to home or vehicle repairs, emergency medical expenses, or the need to consolidate debt, second mortgages can help. 

Why Choose a Second Mortgage?

There are several advantages to a second mortgage:

  • Unlike a typical mortgage, you can get a second mortgage approval on the same day
  • It is easier to qualify because it is based on the available equity of your property
  • Your interest rate and monthly payments can be lower

We Are Here To Ease Your Mind

Is a second mortgage right for you? Our experienced mortgage lenders at Tristar Groupe in Montreal can help determine the most suitable option to meet your needs. Fill in our online contact form or call us today at 514-664-7827.